Gimme Some Sugar

You can’t have a wedding without a cake, and Gimme Some Sugar designs some of the most creative cakes around! From traditional to a “Super Mario Kart” wedding cake, and everything in between… they can make that one-of-a-kind cake of your dreams! Kristen Wiese and Miranda Prince from Gimme Some Sugar as well as Ann Lim from Las Vegas Bride Magazine joined Shawn to talk about these tasty cakes!
>> shawn: welcome back to the “the morning blend,” you can’t have a wedding without a cake and look at this. it’s delicious, find our next guest this weekend at green valley bridal show, from gimme some sugar, christen and an marie and ann lim of will have las vegas bride magazine. tell me the process. >> you meet with the bride and groom and we have a cake consultation and set up a time for them to come in and sample our cakes. we kind of get a feel for what they’re tbog for for the wedding and if they have anything pef specific and hobbies they like, any special way they met. he want to match their invitations. >> shawn: nice. this is custom, custom, you’ve done the most outlan dish stuff. >> tell me the most outlandish. >> the mya brothers cake. >> shawn: no! what mario brothers. >> mario cart. so it included the top castle piece, the — the road winding up. >> shawn: that’s the coole



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