Gil’s Simmons Grilled Salmon

Gil Simmons shows you how to make a healthy and easy meal using frozen salmon
here on “connecticut style” today. >> i’m ready. >> welcome. you are making a bachelor salmon. >> bachelor or bachelorette. it is for someone that is busy, wants to stay healthy. let’s throw something together quickly, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up 25 dishes, pots and pans. real simple. >> you went to the grocery store. you found this packaged salmon that was easy to prepare. >> that is frozen salmon. >> wild salmon filets. >> protein, he is all about keeping fit. >> 19 grams of protein. >> zero grams of carbs. 2.5 grams of fat. >> i have this nice little george foreman grill that i swear by. this makes it quick. four, five minutes. >> do you have to defrost them first? >> in the fridge early in the morning, and when you come home later in the day, they’re defrosted. >> do you season them? >> garlic powder, pure olive oil, and i lay out a little aluminum foil, soak it all up.



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