Gilardi’s – 9/18/17

Gilardi’s – 9/18/17
[?] >> jeremy: welcome back. when it comes to delicious food, gilardi’s does not disappoint. we love when james martin and courtney pinkham joins us because we know we’re going to be eating good. >> joy: it smells good already! how is it going? >> guest: very well. >> joy: you’re busy over there. >> guest: yes, very busy. >> joy: you have a new fall menu coming out. >> guest: yes, we do. this is going to be one of our available apptizers. it’s going to be a spinach parmigiano ball that is healthy. and courtney has designed this recipe. i’m reminding viewers how to do quinoa, onion, fresh herb out of the garden, and garlic. what she’s doing is the exciting part. >> joy: this is how you flavor it out. >> guest: that’s right. >> jeremy: how do you make that? >> guest: this is easy and healthy. at he vegetarian and gluten-free. we’re going to start with 2.5 cups of chopped spinach. >> jeremy



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