Gilardis – 7/17/17

Gilardis – 7/17/17
[?] >> kelly: whoo yeah! welcome back, everybody! it’s food and drink monday, and we’re thrilled to have james martin and courtney pinkham from gilardi’s. >> guest: glad to have you back — sorry. i haven’t been drinking yet. i promise. >> kelly: this is here for a reason. we’re going to make you how to do the work. we’re going to celebrate you guys because you have a wedding coming up. >> yes. >> kelly: the two of you getting matter. >> guest: yes, august 12th, just under a monday. >> jeremy: are you nervous or stressed? >> guest: no. my wedding is okay. planning other people’s weddings is work. >> tom: if you’re looking, i know somebody who has good food. >> guest: that’s what we’re thinking, too. i think we’ve got it taken care of. >> tom: okay. all right. >> guest: so nice of you guys to do for us. it’s so thoughtful. >> kelly: we’re thrilled for you guys! he knows how to do all this



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