Gift For The Cook In Your Life

We chat to a local author of a new fresh and simple cookbook, a perfect gift for the cook in your life!
???? >> to talk about fresh and healthy cooking and you’ve had a lot of inspiration for this over the years, haven’t you, linda? >> good morning. at the garden center, we’ve been married almost 40 years — >> 40 wonderful years, of course. >> we’ve been selling fresh fruits and vegetables two, years ago when we opened the new garden center i got the ins pair rakes, because the big push was towards fresh fruits and vegetables again, buying local produce. i love to cook, i’ve always wanted to do this. >> what’s the theme of the book? we see a nice glass on the cover. >> peach cobbler. is it for healthy food all around, goes by time of the year. >> the book is divided in to seasons because i thought especially younger people didn’t know the fruits are rhubarb, strawberries, that’s — >> i love that you divided it that way. >> right now we’re went cher is why i brought some seasonal favorite



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