Getting The Scoop On The ADA Ice Cream Social!

Zuri Hall joins Ashley Adamson for a lesson on making Sundaes for the Ice Cream Social on the Circle!
it’s $3 for a sundae is the recommended donation. >> you have celebrities come in and do the scooping. >> we do. we have over 30 celebrity scoopers. boomer will be there scooping. >> boomer! >> i know. >> you are going to show the ladies here that are going to be doing it — it’s not — nope, we have zuri, the face of — come on down. ashley. come on. she’s going to give you a lesson and we are going to tep out of the way so you can do that. we got you our slow churned ice cream, your got milk scooper and i don’t know if you want to make it acontest. >> do you have tips? >> you are going to have to — maybe — >> i was ready. >> i figured. >> this isn’t like a race, is it? it’s all about presentation. >> it’s about the ice cream. we have smuckers syrup to put on that. it’s going to be delicious. >> how big are we making these? >> yeah, how many scoops do we get? >> it’s a generous portio



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