Getting Kids In The Kitchen

There is a unique program in Holland called Kids in the Kitchen and it’s teaching kids about creative and culinary arts. They recently held a workshop at City Vu Bistro with their Executive Chef, Shelly Pierre Rash.
love cooking. our friends in holland are doing just this. >> it is basically taking the art form and create process of culinary arts and then matchi it with the creative ts of fine art. we have a wide variety of kidshat come in. some of them just want to inspire, they are inspired to be a chef or some of them want to be a fine artists. some of them may be ready for something in the culinary part and some of them may be really interested in te fine art and that is when they get like a cross pollination on the creative process. >> today, they are starting with calligraphy. it is touring asia. they are doing japanese hand. then, they will be going to do rolling sushi with the chef. >> well, first i had to put the rice on. then, i did the, um, first i had the cucumber and the carrots in the middle. then i had to move them closer, because otherwise, it was hard to roll it. then, i rolled nigh



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