Get Sucker Punched With Old School Charm

Sucker Punch Sally’s has been creating motorcycle art for almost 10 years and now they put that same creativity in an old school diner.
i want to do that. >> exactly. add another category. eating is another big weekend too. and we wanted to start out with the areas to tell you about this dining-out option. they have been creating that since 2002. but now, they are bringing old school cool to the valley with the 24-hour diner that revs up good d american comfort. >> yes, and the photojournalist turns the key and fires up the good times at soccer punch sally’sed old school diner. >> soccer punch sally started out and it still does with the custom made motorcycles. they then went into making energy drinks, you know, the moon shine. and the comforts of the diner, that is just another extension of the brown. the diner down here is a welcome change to what they are showing, plenty of things.. just something that’s kind of unique to the area. they are opened 24 hours on the weekend. it separates us and makes it really unique. a



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