Get Sizzling At On The Border

Get Sizzling at On the Border
>> meaghan: welcome into the kitchen. so i feel like any day is a great day for fa hee tax right, jessica? >> absolutely. >> meaghan: in particular, national fajita day is coming up. it’s right around the corner. >> meaghan: we can can celebrate with our friends at on the border. you’re showing us how the sizzle? >> i’m showing you how the process of sizzling happens on the border. so every skillet comes out sizzling hot. >> meaghan: you literally put the skillet on like some sort of a cook top? >> i do. i’ve heated it up on high. >> meaghan: that’s so interesting. >> i’m going to put our fajita veggies with our sauteed onions and bell pepper mix. >> meaghan: do you ever get tired of this smell? >> i never get tired of it. >> meaghan: i feel like you would never. >> i don’t. i surely don’t. i love going home smelling like a fajita. and we cook our fajitas over a mesquite wood fire grill.



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