Get Cooking: Warm Apple Sauce

Chef Scott TopenExecutive Chef, Butler University
we preparing in >> we’ll do a side dish, nice comfort food. we’ll do pork chops, what i cal italian macaroni cheese risotto, sauteed vegetables, but the main dish we’re going to do is the classic brady bunch pork chops and apple sauce. >> i love apple sauce. >> we’ll put a little twist on it. so we’re going to take and just put a little bit of butter in a hot skillet. start to get the butr melted. we’re going to take some granny smith apples we diced up, put in a little bit of lemon juice — >> granny smith are the kind to use? > yes, granny smith, fuji, because the tartar the apple when you cook it down, the caramelized color, the sweeter it will be. we’ll take it and toss the apples into the skillet. love that sound. >> i love apple sauce, but i’ve never made it at home. it’s great to see how it comes together.>> this is a quickie apple sauce we’re going to do. what we’re going to do i



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