Get Cooking: Tuna Wasabi Chop Salad

Get Cooking: Tuna Wasabi Chop Salad
at the chef’s academy downtown. joing meal today is executive chef dave keller with 45 degrees. >> thank you. >> you’re preparing a chopped salad. what makes this different? >> it’s a was — wasabe chopped salad. it’s a powdered form. >> isn’t it too much? [ laughter ] >> just add a little bit of water and y get a paste out of that. i have some honey as well. >> okay. >> and then i brought green tea packet. >> and how does the green tea play into this? >> not on does it add the flavor of it, but it also give it is a little bit of a presentation to it as well. >> ah. from and i’m just going to break open this packet. >> and it goes right in there. > put it right in there. now, of course, you can brew the green tea. >> yes. >> and add a little if you want. i just like to add it raw. > like that, okay. > in here, i have some rice wine vinegar. > yes, that’s very nice. kind of has a sweet ta



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