Get Cooking Tarte Tatin

Chef Jeffrey BanenChef’s Academy
and i approved this message. >>> welcome back to “get cookin’.” we’re at the chef’s academy downtown. joining me today is one of the instructors, chef investor bayne. hello to you. >> hi. >> you’ll be preparing a dessert for us, just in time for the holidays, when we need something – >> perfect timing. >> yes. this is great, because it’s really simple, all in one dish. >> absolutely. a few ingredients. it’s a first thing is create the caramel, from melted butter and brown sugar. so we have a couple tablespoons of butter and a couple tablespoons of brown sugar. it doesn’t have to cook a long time, just enough for it to melt. i have my caramel. and then we take the apples, which i’ve already quartered. and we fan it out in a nice decorative way. > pretty, yeah. >> you want to fit as many apples in here as you can. >> i see. > and then we’re going to put it back on he. and it can do this fo



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