Get Cooking: Sweet Potato Crab Cake

Get Cooking: Sweet potato crab cake
the simple r >>> welcome back to “get cooking.” joining me is scott taupe with butler university. >> thank you. > welcome. you have a great dish. not the kind of college food i’m used to. > no. an that’s just it. the college food these days are — it’s very progressive. > mm-hmm. > kids are watching all of — they have the strong knowledge of food, and they want to see it in the everyday life. >> yes. > sweet potato crab cake. we have a good old jump-a-lump crab meat. i saw it the other day at kroger. so we’ll put a little bit of crab in here. a little bit of the breadcrumbs. and then we’re going to put just a little bit of the sweet potato, about maybe half of the sweet potatoes. >> half, okay. >> and then we’re going to crack an egg in here. ooh. >> what a great combo, crab, the sweet potato. >> it is. it’s something we came up with, something unique. everybody kind of sees the traditi



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