Get Cooking: Steak Ranchero

Chef Javier AmezcuanExecutive Chef, El Sol
>> let’s get started. >> okay. first of all, we’ll heat up the pan here. we’ll add me oil. > and that’s just regular cooking oil? >> yes, that’s regular cooking oil. >> okay. >> okay. and then we’re going to add our meat, which is a beef round steak. >> okay. >> steak you can buy any store. > so rnd is what you suggest? >> yes. and do you slice this thinly yourself? >> yes, you sce it, li, thin, and just like this. great. all right. get that in there. >> going to get this in here. and what we’re going to do first is we’re going to have the peppers. >> okay. is that a regular green pepper – >> a jalapo pepper. > jalapeno. >> yes. we have some here. just a little bit. so then we’re going to add some onions. we’re going to leave the tomatoes for last. and then the tomatoes > okay. and tell us for el sol, you open f lunch and kiner? >> yes, we open at 11:00 and close at 9:00. starting from m



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