Get Cooking: Spring Pasta

Recipe created by Chef Josh HorrigannChef’s Academy
>>> welcome back to “get cooking.” we’re at the chef’s academy. joining me is scott with the chef’s academy. welcome. >> thank you. >> what are you preparing now? > well, i noticed the other day, talking to our produce suppliers that fava beans were available. whenever there are fava beans, spring is in the air. > always. >> one of my favorite dishes. a traditional pasta recipe, i would recommend finding on the internet. take a little bit of dough here. i’ll help you roll the dough. >> yeah. >> just press that flap like a cake. basically what we’ll do here is turn this into a thin pancake, and then we’re going to slice it thin and make what i call a parpadeli noodle. a little wider than a fettuccine and a little thicker. i like the texture. we have a pan here heating up. adjust enough olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan. and we’re going to throw our leafs in there. next, we’re going



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