Get Cooking: Spicy Thai Tofu Lettuce Wraps

Chef Regina MehallicknChef/Owner, R Bistro
we’re at the chef’s academy. joining me today, a real treat, chef regina with our bistro on massachusetts avenue. welcome to you. >> hello. >> what are you preparing for us? >> today, tofu lettuce wraps. you know, you can have them at restaurants, but i thought we would try and have one that you could make at home. >> terrific. > it’s pretty easy to do. so we need to gather — this is napa cabbage, and we’ll be putting some of that in our wrap as well as some julienned red bell peppers, onions, a little bit of cilantro and fresh mint. now, right here are some rice-stick noodles, and i’d like you to just cut — cut them off in pieces. what you have to do as far as preparation is you cook them and you could put those right in here. >> okay. > you put them in hot water. not really boiling water, but hot water. oh, a little bit warm. to give you an idea, those that come in a bag like this, i



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