Get Cooking: Shrimp And Pasta

Chef Tony HanslitsnDean of Culinary Education, The Chef’s Academyn
tak >>> it’s time to get cooking, and we’re at the chef’s academy, and joining me today, the dean of culinary education, chef tony hanslet. thank you so much. >> thank you for having . >> you’re preparing a pasta dish for us, but not just any pasta dish. tell us about it. >> we have a company called nicole taylor pasta, and i’ve created a little pasta, lemon pepper pasta, where i use fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, pepper, germ flower and water. and i have an extruder. but i want to do it, to emphasize here, how to cook really fresh pasta and reay let the pasta flavor the dish. so when you’re cooking pasta, there’s really no flavor in pasta. so i salt the water. so then we have the pepper in the pasta, so we’re just going to do something really simple to go with lemon. so i’ve got my pan hot over here, and then i’m justoing to cook — ill put a little bit of olive oil in it, add shrimp. a



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