Get Cooking: Seared Scallop With Fennel

Get Cooking: Seared Scallop with Fennel
>>> it’s time to get cooking. we’re at the chef’s academy. and joining me today is ricky with the academy. welcome. >> well, thank you. how are you? >> good, thank you. what are you preparing? >> today, seared scallops over a salad of sliced fennel, red onion, grapes, and vinaigrette. >> terrific. show us how we can do this. >> first, we’re going to start with a fine julienne of the fennel, so it starts with the whole bulb, clean the core out, cut it in half and take a chef’s knife and shave it really thin. so we’re going to go ahead and throw that in a bowl. and then we’re going to do the red onion. and the way i like to do it is across, so i don’t have half moons. so just go straight down. so i toss that up. and then i’m going to take some green grapes — any type of grapes will work. if you like the purple kind or the champagne variety. and just have them right down the middle and thr



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