Get Cooking, Rigatoni With Fennel, Portobello, And Pancetta,

Get Cooking, Rigatoni with Fennel, Portobello, and Pancetta, recipes
and pasta with a little bit of bacon. the first thing we’re going to start off with is freshly made pasta. from nicole taylor’s pasta shop. it’s a recently opened pasta shop in the broad ripple area. we’re going to go ahead and start cooking the pasta, single portion here. next, i’ve got some fresh bacon. it’s an applewood-smoked bacon, a specialty farm, one of my absolute favorite things to cook with. we’re going to start that off with a skillet, and just saute that until it’s about golden brown, allowing some of the juices to remain in the pan. after that, we’ve got some fresh fennell ball, and it has unique flavor to it. we’re going to dice that down, and i have some of that diced right here. and next port bello mushrooms. we’ll have a little pumice olive oil. we’ve got our fresh cooked pasta noodle. i’m going to talk that and toss that right into that pan of that cooked bacon. > oh.



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