Get Cooking: Pita Pizza & Crab Quesadilla

Chef Josh HorrigannChef’s Academy
>>> it’s time to get cooking. joining us today one of the instructors, chef jeff. welcome. >> thank you. >> a lot of people planning the super bowl party with the colts in it. you have a couple of great dishes to prepare for us. > we do. first, we’re going to make a peta pizza. flat bread peta readily available in grocery stores. we’ll start off with that, brush with traditional basil pesto, instead of a tomato sauce. >> okay. >> and then top that with some fresh mozzarella cheese. we’ve blanched some asparagus and cut it on the bias here and diced sun-dried tomatoes and button mushrooms, and we’ll bake that about 350 until the cheese is melted and bubbly and cut into triangles. a real easy pizza. >> okay. i’ll get going on this. but you have another one. >> yeah, a great dish. we’ll use quesadilla using dungeoness crab meat. the first step is sauteing the corn, red bell pepper and green



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