Get Cooking: Pearl Bistro Gorgonzola Burger

Get Cooking: Pearl Bistro Gorgonzola Burger
homemade sauce. >>> this is our decadent gor gorgonzola burger. we’re going to start melting our butter. > and this is still similar to making a roux, as if you’re making a soup, because when we make a roux — >> this is. it’s a basic roux. that’s what our cheese sauce will be started with, is a classic roux sauce. so that’s — if you want to change up your sauce, if you wanted to do a cheddar sauce — >> okay. you can pick whatever cheese — >> chang your cheese up. you don’t have to make a roux with milk. can use chicken stock or — >> we use milk with gorgonzola, because we have that sauce on other things in our restaurant that are vegetarian, so i try to keep that in mind for the vegeta vegetarians. so add your milk really slow. at this point, just add your cheese. and just turn your heat down really low, so it doesn’t burn on you, and just let it slowly simmer. you want to go ahead



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