Get Cooking: Morton’s Crab Cakes & Champagne Cocktail

Chef JP JonesnExecutive Chef, Morton’s The Steakhouse
>> we’re going to start with jumbo lump crab meat. adseasoned bread crumbs to that. add a little parsely here, fresh chopped, not the dry stuff. you don’t want to get anybody mad at you. mix those up. what you’re going to do is save yourself the effort of washing dishes. we’re going to transfer that back into the container we have the crab in. and then the same — everything is going to the same place. you’re going to add sauce — that kicks it a — gives it a kick? >> 2-1 ratio of to bassco. salt, white pepper. scrambled eggs, a little mustard may omaze, and a little bit of the sauce. >> you can make that yourself. >> yes. whip that together take the crab meat mixture from before. you don’t want it too dry. we like it moist. we like to have big clumps of meat. you don’t want to mix it up. just as simple as that. and through the magic of television — >> did you bake these. >> 350 degree



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