Get Cooking: Mocha Cake

Get Cooking: Mocha Cake
nexium, astrazeneca may be able to help. >>> it’s time to get cooking. we’re at the chef’s academy, and joining me today is brian smith, the pastry chef. and you’re preparing a cake. i love cake. > it’s a chocolate mocha cake. > okay. and what’s your secret here? >> well, we — i do use a box cake. it’s consistent, and you use one box and i put it in a nine-inch — two nine-inch pans, bake it at 350 for 20, 25 minutes. actually, e secret is in the icing. >> all right. >> it’s a simple buttercream. you want to make sure your butter is soft, it’s butter. and after your butter is softened, you mix it up and add the powdered sur, a little bit of vanilla, and depending on what flavoring you want, you can add coffee or raspberry or strawberry, whatever you want, whatever liquid you add, add it slowly so it doesn’t break down. >> and in this case, you have added — we’re making a mocha topping.



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