Get Cooking: Masman Curry

Chef Brad GatesnExecutive Chef, Euphorian
started and you can explain as we go along. >> certainly, certainly. we start out, it’s all about the sauce the thai curry is all about the sauce. it’s quick, all about aromatic ingredients, and the curry paste. what we’ll do is start in our pan, over a relatively low heat, with a little bit of sesame oil in the pan. and then we go in with a little bit of ginger and then a little bit of scallions chopped, roughly chopped. and this is our — what we call kind of the aromatic side of things. you’re going to saute this, usually a little bit until you see the ginger start to get kind of pliable and soft. and then i’m adding in a monsumman curry paste. the are many different types of curry paste, but monsumman is the mildest. it has the most aromatic flavor to it. it kind of finishes off the dish. i’ll add coconut milk. and i am going to add some capre lime leaves, and cook them in there. so



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