Get Cooking: Lettuce Wraps With Marinated Duck Breast & Pome

Chef Zachary NiebelnChef’s Academy
>>> get cooking sponsored by the chef’s academy. >> it is time to get cooking and we are at the chef’s academy. joing me is zack nibel with the chef’s academy. hi. >> hello, joy. we will be doing a quick appetizer for parties and stuff like that. we have a duck breast that we marinated last night. a half an hour is all you need but the longer the better. a great tip about duck is you want to render the fat out of it and you can do that by putting it on the stove in a saute panned when you siphon all the fat, it gets rid of the gamy flavor and makes it more palatable. instead of duck you can use turkey, chicken, pork would be really good in our pan we will add our onion. >> move this. >> oh floor. and men in there i have a little bit of chervil and with that i will add — i chose pink peppercorns. they are really soft to a normal peppercorn and a little sweeter and will give a real nice c



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