Get Cooking: Lamb Braciole

Get Cooking: Lamb Braciole
looking forward to try to tackle. tell us about it. > it’s lamb braciole, and we’ve gotten the lamb locally from viking lamb farm. we’ll add our fresh rosemary, thyme, and parsley. and then we’ve got some chopped gar garlic, minced white onion, panco bread crumbs. a pinch of a little bit of salt into there. it should be good with the cheese. >> okay. >> so this is already pounded out. >> yeah, we took the lamb shoulder. you can also use the leg of la lamb. and we pound it outhin with the meat hammer. we have cellophane over the top of it while counting it. and we’ll take a little salt and season the cutlet. let’s go ahead and place a little bit of it in the center of the cutlet. as much as you think you can fit in there. i always try to stuff it — >> because we’re going to roll it. >> correct. the ends of it, the filling wants to come out. sometimes you have to take the meat on the end



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