Get Cooking: Hot Spiced Wine With Mini Grilled Ham And Brie Sandwiches

Chef Lucas TrinoskynChef’s Academy
cooking. “joing me today is chef lucas, one of the instructors here. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> what are you preparing? we have a bunch of stuff here. >> holiday season. so we are some wine. some hot-spice d wine. we can use anything, red wines. we’ll make nice sandwicheso go along with that. so we’ll start warming the wine up a little bit. so next, we have these oranges, and i’ve got cloves stuck inside. so what we’re going to do is give these a slice. we’ll put them back in the oven-proof dish, and then we’re going to heat those up. what happens when it heats up is the oils from the — both the citrus and the cloves e going to come out and be aro aromatic, and now we can get on with the sandwich. we are wheat bread. you can use white or rye. and a spread. this is mayonnaise and mustard. if you want horseradish, use horseradish. pretty much any kind of spread you want. and the



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