Get Cooking: Honey Sauteed Peaches With White Chocolate Whip

Get Cooking: Honey Sauteed Peaches with White Chocolate Whipped Cream
you’re preparing a dessert for us. tell us about it. > i’m going to do honey sauteed peaches with white chocolate whipped cream. >> great. walk us through this, then. >> basically, i want to start out with cookie dough. and we’re going to cut it with the cutter. >> and what are you putting on top? >> a little bit of water. >> just before you bake it. > and a little bit of sugar. >> again, to get this kind of — >> nice carmelized — >> yeah. > — sugar flavor. so we’ll bake that in a 350-degree oven for about 10 minutes until it’s nice and golden brown. >> so, chef, you just made your whipped cream there. what goes into the whipped cream? >> it’s just plain whipping cream. nothing in it. so i’m going to whip it to — like medium peak, not too stiff, not too loose, all right? now, we’re going to take this and we’re just going to pour it in, okay? the trick is the chocolate has to be prett



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