Get Cooking: Holiday Hash

Get Cooking: Holiday Hash
>>> welcome. >> good morning. >> with all of the holidays, the holiday parties, we always have a lot of leftovers, as well. you’re going to show us something that we can make with what we have in our kitchen. >> absolutely. i’m going to show everybody how to create something kind of the day after. >> a lot of favorites here. a lot of things, staples, a roasted chicken. >> absolutely. this is for individuals. i have a roasted chicken. you can do it with chicken or turkey. i have a pan heating here. so i’m going to add a little olive oil to it. also some whole butter. just a teenie bit. i’ll let that sizzle a little bit. let the butter melt a little bit. i’m going to add my sweet potato. we’re going to put some chopped fresh sage in there. and then i kind of like the texture of the pulled as opposed to the diced leftover turkey or chicken, so we’ll put some pulled meat in there. what i hav



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