Get Cooking: Halibut Tostada

Get Cooking: Halibut Tostada
>>> it’s time to “get cooking” at the chef’s academy and the executive chef with h-2-0 sushi is joining us. welcome. >> thank you. what are you preparing for us? >> halibut with fresh guacamole and tamarin glaze. > great. why doesn’t we get started here? >> sure. we’ll srt with seasoning the halibut. i have my oven preheated to 500 degrees and i’m preheating my pan. i’m going to season the hall but on both sides, but pepper only on one side. > and why only on one side? >> for presentation. >> okay. >> so the other side, i’m going to have the sear, and that’s oiled to coat the bottom of the pan. and you can kind of tell — you can smell the oil when it’s about ready. we’re going to sear for about one minute on top of the stove, and then we’ll drop it into the 500-degree oven. while we have that, we’re going to prepare the fresh guacamole with two avocados, going to squeeze the fresh lime



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