Get Cooking: Guacamole

Chef Javier A. AmezcuanExecutive Chef, El Sol
today, chef javier, here to prepare a homemade guacamole recipe. >> yes, this is a really simple process. it’s really fast. actually, a snack for four, five people. >> great. >> okay. we’re going to start taking the pulp out of the avocado. > easy enough, yeah. >> yeah. really, really easy. >> okay. and that’s the beauty of making your own guacamole, because you it make it as creamy or chunky as you like. >> yes, even hotter, spicier. >> yeah. >> or mild. okay. >> okay? >> here we go. add some tomato, chopped tomatoes. okay. and we’re going to add some chopped onions right there. just two. and then if you like it spicy, our they don’t like it spicy, mild. >> jalapeno pepper? >> yes. so only once. the jalapenos are — yeah. and some salt. salt to taste. >> mm-hmm. >> and we’re going to add some lime juice. that’s it. and we just mix everything up. >> great. delicious. > and again, use it



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