Get Cooking: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Recipe developed by Chef Wendell FowlernEat Right, Now!
>> welcome back. the chef joins us after christmas with a traditional meal, i would say, with a new healthy twist. >> absolutely. i don’t know about your generation but grilled cheese and tomato soup was an iconic legendary meal that mom would fit with comfort food. >> absolutely. this is loaded with velveeta cheese, god knows what that stuff is. it’s a thick chunk and it melteds, you know, and then we slather butter upon it and then we would put it in a skillet and brown it and open up a can of some kind of canned soup and it was like mommy just wrapping her arms around you. >> exactly. >> however, how is that working out for you? is that work out for you? is your cholesterol a teeny bit high? a grilled cheese is a tradition that we don’t have to alter in order to make it still taste good. that’s what it’s all about. don’t get rid of my favorite, please. >> this is loaded with fiber, to



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