Get Cooking: Filet Oskar With Béarnaise Sauce

Chef JP JonesnExecutive Chef, Morton’s
we’re at the chef’s academy. joining me is the executive chef at morton’s, j.p. jones. welcome. >> hi, joy. how are you today? >> you’re preparing a classic, one of my favorites. tell us about it. >> it’s a filet oscar. it’s a great way for you and your loved one to enjoy a nice meal. >> show us how to get it done and on the dinner table. >> sure. what we’re starting with certified usda grain-felled beef. i have two single-cut filet, 8.5 ounces apiece. what i’m going to do is a pan is already heated. i’ll sizzle up olive oil. what i’m going to do is season the steaks with morton season salt. you can use any kind of season you like, cracked black pepper, garlic salt, whatever you care for. got a little knife, add some in there. i’m going to stray pan these. the fire on the pan, hotter the better. you can see we have a sear on those. while those are searing, take off my rubber glove here,



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