Get Cooking: Filet Au Poivre

Get Cooking: Filet au Poivre
we’re at the chef’s academy. joining me today is the executive chef aaron cook of pinkly’s kitchen and bar. welcome. what are you preparing today? > this is a classic dish, a filet (unintelligible), pepper-coated filet. topping it with a cognac cream sauce. >> oh, terrific. >> we’ll start with our pan heated. a little bit of olive oil in there. now, go ahead and season that with salt and — >> on the side? >> please. >> okay. now, what kind of cut are you using? >> this is a filet. these are four-ounce cuts. typically when you — >> do i — >> yes, ma’am. >> okay. >> when you’re doing this dish, you want to try to get something not entirely too thick. because whale happen with this is when that pepper-corn starts to cook — that’s fine. when that peppercorn starts to cook, it’s going to burn after a while and it becomes bitter. if you want yours extra well done, well done, medium well, y



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