Get Cooking: Ditalini With Green Lentils, Corn And Kale

Get Cooking: Ditalini with green lentils, corn and kale
to the farmers market or grocery store. they’ll find these ingredients. >> yes, definitely. actually, i’m using corn that’s local here in indiana that i froze and just thawed and also some local kale. right now in autumn we could use kale. >> and using lent ills — lentils. >> yeah, they’re a green lentil, and we boiled them in a swalted water just so they soften but not really break down. we sauteed onion on the side and incorporated the lentils into that, seasoned it. and so, that actually is going to be our protein portion of this dish, because it’s a vegetarian dish. and it’s a hardy dish. > tell u more about it as you get cooking here. >> what we’re doing is in my heated oil, i put a little bit of the lentils — actually did it all. and some kale and some corn. so all of this is getting tossed in. and it gets warmed up. and you can either use canned vegetable stock, or this is some



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