Get Cooking: Dijon Mustard & Herb Crusted Rack Of Lamb

Chef Josh HorrigannChef’s Academy
>>> it’s time to get cooking. we’re at the chef’s academy. joining me is chef josh. welcome. >> thank you. >> i’m excited about this, because you’re going to prepare a rack of lamb — we can get if at a restaurant. but you’re going to show us how to make it at home. >> this is one of my favorite cuts of lamb. it’s a rack of lamb, loin cut. it’s a french rack, which means the meat has been cut off the bone and cleaned. you do want to be careful when you roast this. the bones — the moisture in them can come out and discolor, so when you roast it, wrap it in foil. the first step, cut the rack in half. and then we’ll season with salt and pepper. do the pepper. >> now, lamb is always (unintelligible). you can’t go wrong. > you can always get it, because you can — it’s best harvested in the springtime, but they do freeze it. it remains fresh and available throughout the year. >> the beauty o



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