Get Cooking: Crispy Seared Salmon

Get Cooking: Crispy Seared Salmon
no party too small. >> that’s right. i will cook in your hous >> there you go. what are you preparing for us today here at the chef’s academy? > crispy salmon with crisp potatoes and chutney sauce. > great, let’s get started. > first we have the salmon and i sliced it so it doesn’t curl up when we put it in the hot pan. we’ll saute the shallots for about two minutes and this is for the chutney. joy, if you want to grab those halved cherry tomatoes, you can throw those in that pot right there. >> okay. >> and this chutney will cook for about 10 minutes total. we’ll cook the skin side down first for about five minutes and that’ll give it a real nice crispy texture. i like t play with textures. while the fish is cooking, the potato blanch for about 35 minutes in boiling water, so they’re soft. >> okay. >> just kind of crush them with your hand. and then the tomato chutney, we’ll put some ch



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