Get Cooking: Churrasco With Chimichurri Sauce

Get Cooking: Churrasco with Chimichurri Sauce
having us out. >> we’re glad to have you out. >> we have a two partner today. we’re going to show you how to make a marinade and next week, we’ll show you how to put that ?? together. we can make this an event and keep it for a while in the fridge. >> absolutely. the marinade itself, a local marinade, cuban-style, it has garlic and oranges and limes and cilantro and parsley and all kinds of fun things in there, and it’s great for marinading fish, chicken, pork, beef. >> let’s get started making this, because you have a lot of great ingredients here. >> yeah, a couple, three, four cloves of garlic. we’ll put them in the mixture here. >> oh, okay. >> take a handful of the parsley there. > too much, too little? >> no, that’s fine. pul off some of the cilantro leaves. if you can’t find what they call sour oranges, which are not as sweet, obviously, as the ones we’re used to, if you do two li



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