Get Cooking: Chilled Shrimp Salsa

Chef Rob KoellernExecutive Chef, fortyfive degrees
i’m joy >>> it is time to get cooking. we’re at the chef’s academy down. joining me today, executive chef rob keller. he’s with the new restaurant called 45 degrees. welcome! >> thank you. >> you’ve been on the show before. but you are now at 45 degrees, and it’s on mass av? >> yes, on the angle of massachusetts and college. >> hence, 45 degrees. >> yes. >> like it. okay. what are you preparing for us, chef? >> today, i’m going to be doing a chilled shrimp salsa. > okay, let’s get started. >> all right. the first thing that needs to happen is we’re going to heat up the pan, we’re going to cook off some shrimp. if you are using little shrimp, that’s fine. actually, the recipe calls for popcorn shrimp. if you’re using bigger ones, i suggest you dice them up a little bit. >> which is kind of what you did here. >> yes, i diced some large shrimp up. and just with about a tablespoon of butter,



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