Get Cooking: Chevre Cheese Crème Brulee, Mango Stawberry Sal

Get Cooking: Chevre Cheese Crème Brulee, Mango Stawberry Salsa
“get cooking.” we’re at the chef’s academy, and joining me today is dennis with woodstop country club. welcome. >> thank you. >> you’re preparing one of my favorite desserts, creme brulee, but it has a twist. talk about it. >> just something a little different. we’ll add kheved cheese, which is a soft goat cheese. > show us how to prepare this. > over here, half a quart of heavy cream, and i’ve added half of 11-ounce log of goat cheese to it, and also in here, i’ve got some sugar as well to give it a little sweetness. so that’s just — you want to bring that to a boil. and here, i’ve got quarter cup of sugar and six egg control bes. you want to mix those together. and then you just take a little bit of your hot cream mixture and add it in here. this is called tempering. it’s a process used to stop the egg yolks from scrambling or cobbling. so that’s a little trick from the chefs, you kno



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