Get Cooking: BLTE Sandwich

Get Cooking: BLTE Sandwich
is michael powell, also a chef up at infusions. welcome. >> thank you very much. >> you’re giving out a different take on the classic blt. tell us. >> this is actually my favorite sandwich to eat. it’s basically a blt sandwich with roma tomatoes and a crusty begettette to serve it on. >> all right. >> so we start with some water. not quite boiling. 170 degrees is perfect. you put a capful of light vinegar in there. it helps the egg stay together. > this is my first time making a poached egg. it’s the vinegar in there, not the water. >> yes. >> so i toasted my baguette in the oven, and what we’re going to do is just get it here on the plate and add our bacon. >> and you opted for the applewood — smoked applewood? >> oh, yes, always. i think it’s the best flavored bacon you can get. >> there you go. right from a chef’s mouth saying that. so put some of the lettuce on. >> okay. the tomatoe



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