Get Cooking: Bittersweet Chocolate Truffles

Chef Layton RobertsnExecutive Chef, 14 West
can’t believe we can make this at home. many of us buy it at the store. >> we’re going to start — these are chocolate truffles. you start with your heavy cream. and your coffee leg core and bring that to a boil. this is very important. bittersweet dark chocolate. if it’s not — >> it is not the same. >> yeah. put that in there, get your cream to boil and you mix in your chocolate. >> how much chocolate? >> one pound. basically when you’re making this, it’s a pint of chocolate, which is a pound, to a pint of liquid. >> 14 west, you make your truffles. >> we once that is melted, we use a lot of walnuts but you can use whatever nut or leave them out. we do about three quarts of a cup of nuts. throw that in there. after you get your chocola incorporated, take a little bit of butter and this adds a little shine and a little flavor. >> regular or unsalted. >> unsalted. after you get this inco



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