Get Cooking: Baby Greens With Prosciutto

Get Cooking: Baby Greens with Prosciutto
nice. >> welcome back to “get cooking.” we’re at the chefs academy. joing me today is scott right ofen burger with the skyline club. what do you have. >> baby greens with strawberry vinaigrette. figs, blue cheese, pork. >> figs are intimidating. >> all you do is take the fig at the very bottom and put an x just like so on each one. >> just like tha >> just a little x. take our finger and make a little hole like that, like so. then i have the blue cheese. >> almost like stuffing an olive. >> yeah. we just put it right there. after we stuff the figs we’re just going to take a piece of prusciutto, you can almost cut it in half and we’ll take the fig, place it here. >> is there anything we can substitute if we can’t find prusciutto? >> you can use a — if you wanted to use a ham. or maybe even if you take bacon but if you do bacon you’ll want to par cook it. it would take too long to cook ot



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