Get Cooking: Asparagus W/local Fried Egg

Get Cooking: Asparagus w/local fried egg
>>> it is time to get cooking. we’re at the chef’s academy. and joining me today is chef jeff with the chef’s academy, and showing you how to use products at the farmer’ market. >> yeah, i like to create my meal and experience around what’s available and in season while you walk through the market. we’ve got fresh indiana asparagus, indiana farm eggs. they’re chicken eggs. a little bit of lemon and tai tarra tarragon. those are not from indiana. we’ll take the asparagus, do a quick cut. remove the bottoms. blanch it in boiling water for two, three minutes. just enough to allow it to tenderize and then add it to an ice bath. now that we blanched the asparagus, we’ll remove it from the ice bath. it will be about three minutes. then we’ll even up our spears. next we’re going to need to fry that indiana farm egg, sunny side up. we have to be careful not to disturb the yolk. yo want to keep t



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