Get Cooking: Apple Stuffed Pork Chop

Get Cooking: Apple Stuffed Pork Chop
chef scott resingberger with the skyline club. welcome. >> thank you. >> what are you preparing. >> apple and bacon blue cheese pork chop with a can lien knee bean stew. >> terrific. let’s get started. >> take the pork chop and put a little cut in here to stuff the filling in there. guilt right in the center until i feel the bone and just go right like that. >> okay. you opted for a bonin pork chop. >> yes, i like the pork chop and the presentation is a little nicer on the plate and i prefer it a little bit more. so we have the bacon chopped already right here and take an apple and julienne it and a cut. basically a nice, thin cut. take a few slices like so. just about right there. and we will take this. and we will just julienne just like this. some nice cuts there. add that to the bacon. and add a little bit of blue cheese right here. put that in there and sort of mix all those togethe



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