Get Cooking: Acai-Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

Chef Marc UrwandnOwner/Executive Chef, Taste Café
chef’s academic. joining me is chef mark with taste. >> how are you? >> great. part of cooking up a whole meal is also the cocktail during the holidays. you’re going to show us how to make a cocktail today. tell us about it. >> kind of the twist on amamosa. either a champagne or any wine will de. >> i’m sure you’ve been to parties where people don’t know how to open up a champagne bottle. first we take the outer wrapping off, a tab you can peel off. there is usually a metal basket that we’ll twist off. as soon as that’s off, that cork could go at any time. so as soon as that’s off completely, want to make sure you have your hand over the top. what i do is i’ll give it back to you. i hold the cork. and i twist the bottle. >> all right. >> you want to finish? >> i’ll try it. >> okay. >> the cork, okay. >> there we go. >> there you go. >> you have brought with us a pomegranate. >> i’m going



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