Get Cooking: “Angry” King Crab

Chef Ryan NelsonnExecutive Chef, The Oceanaire Seafood Room
seafood. what are we preparing today? >> a signature dish at the restaurant. it’s our angry king crab dish. what i have here isome king crab, which we’ve dredged in a seasoned flour. i’ve taken them and split them down the middle. we want a pretty good crust to develop on the crab legs. so we’re going to let them sit there for — oh, about 90 seconds. maybe a little bit less. and what we have here, i have some sliced garlic and surrounded with chile, and add that to our pan. do you want to hand me that wooden spoon over there? >> you bet. >> perfect. you’re going to work pretty quick here to make sure that you’re not burning your garlic. >> right. >> you want to kind of toast it at our orange zest, the zest of one orange. a little bit more. and we’ve got some whole basil leaves here. those are going to go on as well. it’s really aromatic, though, the orange, garlic, basil. >> it is. >> s



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