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Get Cooking
about it. >> chili, yes. white chili. using turkey, ground turkey, and a little italian sausage. > mm, okay. > just put those together. you can do it all — i’ve got the meat already browning back here. and what you want to do is go ahead and brown that. i’ve already drained the fat a little bit. i’ve got some onions. these happen to be red onions. if you want to have just the yellow onions, that’s fine. so let those saute a little bit. and i like to add the chiles, i used some green chiles. you can use jalapenos, fresh, or canned. i like it, you know, a little spicy. so we’ll put a good amount in there. i’ve got some sliced mushrooms. these are just regular — we call them domestic mushrooms. as far as the beans, i’ve got black-eyed peas today. they stay more firm, so you can use like a white bean, a northern bean, navy bean, pinto bean. i’ve got some tomatoes, a little bit of heavy cre



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