George’s Grilled & Stuffed Lobster

We’re cooking George’s Grilled & Stuffed Lobster in the kitchen with Dave Jannelle from George’s of Galilee.
dry cleaning. lily is in i the kitchen. >> thanks, ben. we are in the kitchen cooking in with george’s ofrg galileeil and in is ownerwn ke owner kevin and chef daveav jannelle, weja arear making the old g & s. >> this is the george’s grilled’s lobster, grilled and stuffed. actually, we stuff isff first and then grill it. >> stuff it first, then we grill it. we’re not going to grill it today, because it’s not exaly grilling weather today, but what are we going to do with it? just stuff it? >> stuff it and finish it in the oven. >> tell me what some of the ingredients ingredients arets here. garlic,.,. >> sweet italian i sausage, roasted red peppers, spanish onion,on garlic, scallops, fresh parsley, sea salt, crushed black pepper. simple i ngredients. en fresh. >> we are going to post these p ingredients on linegr and the recipe there too at foxprovidence.com and in just a second, we’r



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