Gas Up And Burn Out To Raceway Bar & Grill For Some Home-sty

Pack up the family, take in the sights and enjoy some home-style eats in the town of Maricopa
smart shopper. >>> a valley restaurant boasts a big character with great tasting food so if you’re looking for a homemade menu, you don’t have to look any further than the raceway bar girl — bar and grill. they take pride in the pizza. tory garcia takes us on a tier. ?[ music ]? >> my husband is a collector because he can never see anybody’s family’streasures go to waste or be thrown away so many, many years ago he started collecting some neat stuff, so for the past 18 or so years, we’ve had a lot of neat stuff stored in a room with hopes to share it with everyone some day and we thought about no better way to do it but in a restaurant. raceway came about by putting all of these treasures into one location, put some great homemade food on a menu and share good times with others. i call it raceway’s neighborhood bar and grill because we are out about 2 miles past harrah’s and 3 miles wes



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